Old Castle in France

Somewhere in France lies this old castle, the oldest part of it was built in 1233. It’s amazingly well preserved and full of relics from different periods and owners. It’s crumbling but not forgotten. A friendly Dutch couple bought the castle, surrounding buildings and a huge stretch of land for cheap. They have turned the former landlord’s home into their home and the former gardener’s home into a quality Bed and Breakfast. The castle itself is too big and in too much of a bad shape for the couple to renovate it, so they leave it be.

I stayed in the Bed and Breakfast with my parents back in 2006. They knew about my fascination for abandoned buildings so they booked it for the next holiday. The sweetest thing ever! We even got a tour through the castle by the owners. I was thirteen years old back then so the photographs are not very good, but they hold a lot of sentimental value.