Pumping station Cornelis den Hertog

This pumping station was built in 1879. It was equipped with two steam-driven centrifugal pumps which had to replace the nearby windmills. This station was one of the first to be electrified, which happened in 1929.

In 1994 a modern pumping station was finished nearby and Cornelis den Hertog became redundant. The pumps were removed and the building was threatened with demolition, but the villagers protested. The protest was succesful. The pump room became protected heritage. The former boiler room was sold by auction in 2001, and the new owner converted it into a home. Plans were made to turn the pump room into a restaurant or educational center, but it never took off. Eventually the owner of the boiler room bought the pump room too, but shortly after that he found a new lover and moved to where she lived.