S414, MSB Scheveningen Nord

In between four heavy artillery bunkers lies this S414 fire control bunker (Leitstand für mittlere und schwere Batterie). Through the observation slits potential threats were observed and various measurements and calculations were made for controlling the counterattack. The three-storey bunker was attached to an extensive covered trench system, which connected the artillery bunkers, ammunition bunkers, troop bunkers and various supporting bunkers, making it possible to move entirely underground through most of the complex. With the increasing momentum of the British Royal Air Force during the war, moving underground became an important strategy

A well know feature of this bunker is the ‘Durch Zucht Zur Frucht’ mural, signed by Admiral Koster. It was even used in the popular shooter game ‘Medal of Honor: Allied Assault’ as decoration on a bunker wall. Luckily it still hasn’t any graffiti on it, but natural decay is taking its toll on the mural. The bunker is sealed again, which hopefully slows down the decay and protects it from more vandalism.