Schloss V

In the 9th century a monastery was built on the edge of a German hill. A turbulent history followed, with the castle burning down and being rebuilt numerous times. The final result; a beautiful (neo)renaissance castle in a typical German style. After World War Two it briefly was a school of agriculture for teachers. In the late 1960s it became a psychiatric hospital for children, being in business until the late 1990s. After they moved out, the castle was bought by an architect for 1 German Mark, provided that he would invest 10 million German Marks within 10 years.

The castle has never been restored or repurposed, although the necessary maintenance to the gardens is still being done by a caretaker up to this day. In the 2010s the castle was used for the recording of a movie series. Although some parts of the castle have been oddly repainted for the recordings, it’s still a sensational building to wander through!