The Blue Power Plant

Driving past this power plant you can only be impressed by the sheer size of it. Due to the large rectangular windows in this monolithical building some describe it as an industrial cathedral. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any history about it. I assume that it’s built in the 60s or 70s to provide power to a nearby steel factory.

The building was known to be alarmed for quite some time. About 15 minutes after entering a security guard would pop up to kick you out. We got info from someone who had recently been there for hours without a problem so we assumed that this was our chance. We did make it past the 15 minutes mark, but after about 30 minutes we heard a security guard say the legendary words: “I won!”. It turned out that he was a pretty relaxed guy and no police came into play. He explained something along the lines of the plant being sold and that he must keep the copper thieves out. Some photographers with a weird tendency to sneak into abandoned buildings are the least of his worries. So we didn’t get to see very much of this place but at least we came home with some photos!