The Faculty

This beautiful faculty is decaying since the early 1990s. It consists of a couple of different buildings with various building styles, the main building being a beautiful two-winged building dating back to the mid-1800s. The building was taken into use by the faculty at the end of the 1800s. Several additions were made; in the early 1900s a big auditorium was built which could house 300 students. It was one of the few faculty buildings of this university surviving World War 1 almost unharmed. Eventually the premise became too small for the evergrowing faculty so they moved to a new place in the 1970s. It was then used by an architectural institute until the early 1990s and when they left, the buildings where left to rot.

This place was absolutely stunning. It’s a rare example of a really old building that hasn’t been modernised or structurally altered in a long time. There was only a little vandalisme here and there from the time when there was no big spiky fence yet, but that didn’t really distract from the beauty of it all. The service tunnels and basements running under the buildings were spectacular too. I still didn’t get into every building here so expect a ‘part 2’ soon.

(I deliberately didn’t write down too much information or exact dates because that would make it easy for vandals and scrappers to find the buildings too)