The Police Headquarters

Not only is it ironic to sneak into an abandoned police headquarters, it was also a great challenge to get into this building, which is located in the busy center of a huge German city. We almost gave up after checking every window and door. Then suddenly I did find a small gap. When we were finally standing in the grand entrance hall we knew it was worth the trouble. It’s something you’d expect in a castle rather than a police station.

The building dates back to the early 1910s. It was built in Historicist style with elements of neo-baroque and classicism. During Allied bombings in 1944 almost half of the building was destroyed, but soon after the war it was rebuilt. It was in use until the early 2000s when the police moved to a new building. After that a part was briefly turned into a club and then the building was used for events and parties for some time. Doubtless for illegal parties by squatters too, there was a bunch of furniture left behind and even some large speakers. Still no new purpose has been found for the building; over time many interested buyers have dropped out. The most recent plans are to keep the monumental front part and demolish the rest to build a skyscraper and appartments behind it, but up until now all potential investors have dropped out, apparently because the estate is too expensive.