The Porcelain Factory

In the early 1900s a family company founded this porcelain factory. After World War Two they focussed on making ‘Gebrauchsporzellan’, porcelain for daily use; think plates, teacups, teapots etcetera. A nationwide decline in demand started in the 70s due to the import of cheaper porcelain from abroad. Many porcelain factories started to find themselves in dire straits in the middle of the 80s. This one didn’t go bankrupt but merged with two other porcelain companies in the early 90s in the hopes that joining forces could make them survive. They decided to abandon this old factory and continue the works in a more modern one.

We arrived late in the afternoon and knew we didn’t have a lot of time before the sun would be gone. Luckily we found a point of entry rather quickly, but we ended up wandering through large empty halls, often in good shape and not very interesting. It took quite a bit of walking to find parts of interest in this big factory, but when we finally did run into a very decayed room we started shooting greedily. The low afternoon sun wasn’t easy to work with, but I think most of the photos turned out alright.