The Rolling Mill

The original factory was founded in the early 1900s, but during the First World War the entire factory was dismanteled. After being rebuilt the works restarted with two rolling mills put into use. In World War Two the factory suffered extensive damage when it was bombed in 1944. Once again it was rebuilt and put back into business in 1945, then expanded in 1949 and finally closed in 2012 for the same reason most of the Belgian steel industry had to stop; a steel crisis in 2008.

The factory itself was 99% stripped so all that remained were big empty halls. We were pretty bummed by this, we kept on wandering through the huge empty halls constantly hoping for something cool to appear around the next corner. Eventually, when we had pretty much given up and decided to take another exit, we bumped into an interesting little building standing separate from the rest of the factory. It turned out to contain the offices, dressing rooms, medical rooms and a room full of molds. Still some nice features to photograph at the end of the day!