The Swimming Pool

In 1897 plans were made to build a big public swimming pool in this Belgian city, but only in 1916 the city council gave persmission to start building. The reason for this sudden decision was to prevent the unemployed citizen from being deported and forced to work for the German army, now they could stay and work on the swimming pool. Many citizen were hired and they made sure that the building was finished with great eye for detail. In 1924 the pool was finally finished and opened to the public. In 2001 the building was abandoned and it started to decay quickly. In 2015 a renovation project was launched starting with the exterior of the building. No purpose has been found for the building yet, so renovation of the interior will have to wait.

I paid this classic (pseudonym ‘Piscine Crachoir’) a quick visit at the end of the day, the sun was already setting so I had to be quick. I skipped the huge dressing room part and quickly shot the nicer parts. A good ending of a good day!