The Water Tower & Shipyard

In the late 1800s this water tower was built next to a small village. Water from ditches and a nearby river was pumped into a reservoir at the top and from there on gravity did the rest. The inside of the tower now shows some beautiful decay. A very authentic small builing that is standing next to the water tower has unfortunately collapsed. About 200 meters from the water tower stands a derelict shipyard which hasn’t been abandoned for very long. In the late 90s the municipality made plans to clear the grounds and build over 200 new houses, but it never happened. 

Inside the nearly thirty meters high tower nowadays only the ground floor is safely accessible. On the ground lie the remains of a spiral staircase that once gave access to the first floor. Several ropes are hanging from a very flimsy metal bar to provide the real daredevil a way to climb up. I wasn’t feeling like a daredevil this day but I was really curious what’s up there, so I tied my bags to one of the ropes and climbed another. The climb took a lot of arm muscle power and when I was halfway my arms started shaking so I had to pause. Then it popped into my mind that the way back would likely be way more scary and dangerous. Also the fact that I was exploring alone made me realise that it wouldn’t be smart to take the risk, so I cancelled this act. Luckily I found some photos from the upper floors on the internet and it showed that I didn’t miss out on much.