Theatre Jeusette

Theatre Jeusette is a theatre that once brought some joy in a gloomy industrial area. Nowadays the steel industry is slowly but steadily shifting to far-away countries and the worker’s villages are dying. From the outside the theatre looks like an ugly beast, but the interior must’ve been quite cheerful in it’s heyday. It closed down somewhere in the early 90s.


I wasn’t planning on ever visiting this building. Before it was vandalised it wasn’t very interesting to begin with, there was almost no decay yet and the theatre itself was a big empty space. Then vandalism struck and it became even less attractive. But then all of a sudden the theatre was filled with seats! For the filming of the video clip for Stromae’s song ‘quand c’est?’ the seats were taken from the room where they were stored and set up in rows in front of the stage. That must have been one hell of a job, those rows of 6 seats are heavy! Check out the impressive clip: 

After a succesful day of exploring we had some time left, so we decided to end the day here. We entered through a muddy basement and later found out that a door was wide open. Ah well. Inside we soon bumped into some people, and more and more started to appear. For once I didn’t mind, they were all friendly and we had some nice chats. There was even a guy sitting on one of the seats pencil drawing the stage. He told me that he was drawing for his study, I love thinking out of the box like that! In my opinion it’s not really a photogenic place so I decided to go a bit farther with post-processing than I usually do to make it more interesting. Dropping the saturation did some interesting things to these photos.