V149, Führer der Schnellboote

Until november 6th, 1944, Kapitän zur See Rudolf Petersen was stationed in the bunker to command the widely used torpedo boats called ‘Schnellboote’. His actual residence was the nearby villa Sandhaghe. A covered trench stretching from the villa’s garden to the Widerstandsnest could get him quickly to the V149 command bunker in case of emergency. After the Führer der Schnellboote moved to Sengwärden at november 6th, 1944, the Widerstandsnest became the base of the Seekommandant Mittelholland, commanded by Kapitän zur See Werner Stoephasius.


The V149 has a layout that is reminiscent of an office, with a central hallway and office rooms on both sides. There is also a large room for radio and transmisson equipment, a heating room, a room for the air purification equipment and a toilet room. The entire bunker was heated by central heating, with the luxury of radiators in every room. Almost every room in the bunker has its own distinctive colour scheme.

The bunker unfortunately has some graffiti vandalism on the walls. I decided to edit it out of the photos during post-processing. Normally I don’t like to bend reality that way, but because the bunker is so pristine besides those few tags I felt like the photos deserve it.