Villa Panther

Villa Panther (pseudonym) was built in the 1880s in a blooming German city. After being in private hands for several years it was used as the local chamber of commerce since the 1920s. In the 1990s it was used as a land registry office for a couple of years. After they left the villa it stood vacant for years. It switched owners a couple of times throughout the years but apparently none had the financial means to renovate the villa, although it’s still in a relatively good state. Apparently it’s now in the hands of a real estate agency and renovations have started.

It was highly impressive to find this huge villa on a street corner in this busy German town. It wasn’t hard to notice this overgrown beauty from the streets and it was quite easy to enter. Still the interior was amazingly intact, the only damage done by humans were a few small graffiti tags. Besides that, only pure decay!