The Weidebad in Chaam was a well-know swimming pool and recreation area since 1977. Besides the two large pools and a wading pool for kids, the spacious grass fields were a popular place to hang out and have a picknick. On the 31th of August 2014 the pool closed its doors for good. The swimming pool wasn’t profitable and the local government decided to stop spending money on keeping it open. The exploiter made a final attempt to team up with other local entrepreneurs and make a business plan, but they failed. The valuable items were removed and then the pool was fenced off. Latest plans are to clear the land and build a luxuous spa.

The funny thing is that I’ve swum here a couple of times during holidays in the last few years. It’s interesting to see how quick nature can take over, and at the same time it’s a sad sight how such a joyful place can become so grimy when it’s left to rot. As this wasn’t a planned visit, I didn’t have all my photography gear with me and the photos were taken with a borrowed lens. The quality isn’t as good as my own wide angle lenses.