Power Plant Intercom

This huge power plant was built in 1921.

The Textile Factory

A Dutch textile factory with an unclear history.

Cristallerie Val-Saint-Lambert

This factory has been producing crystal and glass objects since 1202.


This old coppersmith's workshop was founded in the early 1900s.

Power Plant 'Wet Dog'

A beautiful old power plant from the early 1900s.

The Rolling Mill

The rolling mill was founded in the early 1900s and suffered extensive damage in two world wars.

Blue Power Plant

The power plant of a former steel factory.

HF 4

Another big steel production site, shut down in 2008.

Indiana Jones Quarry

An impressive underground quarry.

The Police Headquarters

An impressive police headquarters built in the 1910s.

The Porcelain Factory

This porcelain factory was founded in the early 1900s.

VEB Halbmond

A huge carpet factory.

Metal Factory R

This metal factory was specialized in making steel rollers.


This huge blast furnace plant didn't survive the financial crisis.

Electric Works 550

The power plant of a steel factory dating back to the early 1950s.

Bureau Central II

The main office of a steel company, built in the early 1900s.

The Tile Factory

A tile factory dating back to the early 1900s, with owners' home.

Paper Factory DN

This paper factory dates back to the mid 1800s.

Garage 'Hot Wheels'

A burned down garage with an ironic mural saying 'Hot Wheels'.

The Water Tower & Shipyard

This water tower is a grey monster on the outside, but surprisingly beautiful on the inside

Bureau Central

This late 1800s central office building looks more like a castle!

Power plant 'Alienworks'

The power plant of a steel factory dating back to the late 1800's.

Ironworks Terres Rouges

Not much is left of this old ironworks, but the remaining loading dock is quite awesome!

The Paper Factory

This factory originated in 1833 and stands derelict since 1970.

Hasard de Cheratte

A coal mine in Belgium, the first well dates back to 1850.

The Vehicle Tunnel

A tunnel filled with trams and buses.


A beautiful old sewage treatment plant.

Sinteranlage ThyssenKrupp

The former 'Sinteranlage' of ThyssenKrupp.

The Clayware Factory

A clayware factory which is estimated to date back to 1675. Until its closure in 2000, they traditionally produced clayware items.

Pumping station Cornelis den Hertog

The pumping station was built in 1879 and went out of service in 1994. A modern pumping station has taken over.