WW2 in colour, Duindorp

After trying and quitting a lot of times I have finally found a way of colourizing historic black & white photographs that works for me! It’s a painfully slow proces, taking several hours per photo, but I think they are really worthy. They bring World War 2 a lot closer to the generations which, thankfully, didn’t experience it. I do try to keep the saturation of the colours low to keep the old look. Please remember that most colours are guessed so they are not to be used as a source. 

Most of these photos are taken by Piet van der Ham, a photographer who photographed for the Dutch resistance in World War two. He also documented post-war situations and war damage. The photos of Stützpunkt XXXXIIIc H (Westduinen Flak) near Duindorp were taken in August 1945. The originals can be found here: http://gahetna.nl/zoeken/q/zoekterm/herstelwerk%20in%20duindorp#max-fotocollectie